Rembrandt Dollhouse

Design: Piet Design

Building kit with which you can build your own Rembrandt House.

This is the house of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of the most famous Dutch painters. Rembrandt was born in Leiden in 1606, but left for Amsterdam in 1631 where he painted his most famous works. The Rembrandt Doll House gives a true picture of the artist’s living environment, but the simplification of the structure makes it easy to play with and it is also in the tradition of 17th-century doll houses.

The house has four floors and an attic. From the street, two steps go down to the kitchen. The front door gives access to the hall with the platform by the window. Next to the hall is the Sijdelcaemer where Rembrandt received his customers. On the next floor is the painting studio, Groote Schildercaemer. Here is the easel, a table on which paint was mixed and a low table on which the models could sit. Above the studio is the Kunstcaemer, a room full of rare and precious objects: a crocodile hangs from the ceiling, plaster statues are on the shelves and antlers hang from the wall.

Building kit with which you can build your own Rembrandt House.

The house is easy to assemble. Scissors or glue are not necessary, all parts are pre-punched. Start at number 1 and work through the number sequence to the end. Doors and windows can be opened. More than 50 pieces of furniture, objects and paintings complete the interior. The figures are borrowed from Rembrandt’s work and date from different periods of his life.

Scale ± 1: 25 Built size 26x29x59 cm.



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