Flower fan

Design: Piet Design

The fan-shaped flower holder is one of the many types of vases with spouts that were produced in Delft in the 17th century. The earliest fan shape was the ‘quintel’: a composite flower holder with five vases in a row. Later, oval and heart-shaped vases were made with two or three fanning rows of spouts.

This vase has a chinoiserie decoration in which the motifs are partly of European origin and partly based on the Chinese Wanli style.
The most beautiful 17th-century flower holders were made by the Delft pottery factory De Dikkeche A, in the period when Adrianus Kocx was the owner. Mary II, the English wife of William III, stadtholder of the Netherlands and king of England from 1688 to 1702, was fond of blue-and-white porcelain and pottery. She was a good customer of De groenche A.

This modern version of the flower fan has two rows of five spouts. It is made of recycled polypropylene and can be filled with water and fresh flowers.

With this kit you can make a Delft blue flower fan yourself with two rows of five spouts. The vase has a foldable, waterproof inner container and can be filled with water and fresh flowers.

Extensive building instructions on the inside of the folder.
No scissors or glue needed.

Built size: 9 x 21 x 16 cm.



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