Origami Strawberries

Designer: Piet Design

Adriaen Coorte’s modest still lifes are world famous.
His small paintings show a simple representation of two peaches, a sprig of berries, a few strawberries or a bunch of asparagus. The way in which the texture and transparency of the fruit and vegetables are displayed in the incident light is sublime.
The objects usually lie on a stone table and are painted against a very dark background. In a well-considered composition, the subtly applied spots of light attract attention.

Adriaen Coorte worked in Zeeland between 1683 and 1707. In contrast to the usual opulence of 17th century still lifes, his work is an example of masterly simplicity.

Create a 3D version of the famous still life with strawberries by the 17th century Zeeland painter Adriaen Coorte with this set.

Folding description on the inside of the folder.
No scissors or glue required.
Contents: approximately 24 strawberries, 1 flower, 4 stems and a ‘table’.
Folded strawberry size: 3 x 3 x 4 cm.
Total size: ± 12 x 20 x 20 cm.



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