Delft blue skittles set

Design: Piet Design

Unbreakable ‘Hollants porcelain’

This special fabric garniture set is not only historically sound, but also a decorative, unbreakable and harmless game of skittles.

A garniture is a set of vases that was displayed on a cupboard for decoration. The number of vases in such a set is always odd and cup and ball vases are usually used alternately. A ball vase with a lid was always in the center. Originally, garnitures consisted of imported Chinese altar vases, but in the seventeenth century, like so many other popular blue and white Chinese pottery, they were imitated in Delft. At first the Dutch vases were still painted with Chinese motifs, later the Delft painters introduced their own designs and the cabinet sets were given a more European appearance.

Each set contains a ball vase with lid, two beaker vases and a ball.
Packed in a handy clear bag with zipper.

Height bulb vase: 22 cm.
Height beaker vase: 17 cm.

Suitable for children from 6 months.



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