Saint Nicholas Furoshiki

Design: Piet Design

Reusable gift wrap or shawl

Furoshiki is a quick and easy way to wrap your parcels, using only folds and knots.
In Japan, precious linen cloth was used for wrapping objects in the Nara period, 710-794 BC.
Initially the cloth was called ‘tsutsumi’ which means ‘to wrap’ in Japanese. Later on, the cloths were mainly used in public baths to store people’s clothes and the name changed to furoshiki.
For centuries, the furoshiki were indispensible for storing and carrying merchandise, clothing and food.
The arrival of plastic bags and wrapping paper almost brought this intriguing art of folding and knotting to an end, but now this eco-friendly and sustainable way of wrapping parcels and gifts is back again.

With this special Saint Nicholas version of a furoshiki it is easy to wrap a gift in a neat and attractive way.
Made of organic cotton and almost endlessly reusable.
Due to the traditional printing process, the pattern can contain minor irregularities.
Detailed folding and knotting instructions on the inside of this folder.

Size: circa 68 x 68 cm., known as futahaba.



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