Night Watch

Design: Piet Design

When Rembrandt had just painted the Night Watch in 1642, everyone had to get used to the painting. What a crowd, what a movement!

Until then, shooter pieces had been static group portraits of gentlemen looking straight ahead. A lively chaos can be seen on the Night Watch. Due to the use of colour, the composition and the enormous depth effect, Frans Banninck Cocq’s company seems to be on the verge of marching off the canvas.

A colorful group appears to be hiding in all that darkness; but who are these people anyway? And what are they so busy with? By building the Night Watch yourself you get a good idea of ​​the actual content of the painting and looking at the Night Watch is really SEEING.

This pack contains building blocks of 13 gunmen with weaponry, 1 girl, 1 dog and a separate building instruction.

The packaging folder, folded inside out, forms the background.

supplies: scissors or knife, craft glue and a round pencil.
Dimensions : 25 cm x 18 cm



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