Laurel wreath

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Laurel wreath

The laurel wreath is a symbol of victory.

In antiquity, wreaths were awarded to heroes on the battlefield and to winners of athletic or artistic contests.
At first, they were made of branches and leaves of laurel, oak, vine or wild olive. Later on, metal and gold leaves were used for more durable versions.

The gods were also depicted wearing wreaths. Jupiter had one made of oak leaves, Bacchus wore vine leaves, and Apollo, patron of sports and the arts, was usually shown with a laurel wreath. Laurel was special to him as Daphne, the beautiful nymph he pursued, transformed into a laurel tree before he could catch her.

In ancient times, wreaths used to be shaped like a horseshoe; modern versions are usually complete circles. With this set it is possible to make either of these.

With this set you can make your own golden laurel wreath.
You can adjust the size by using more or fewer segments.

– 16 leaf segments
– 1 connecting segment for the back
– 1 connecting segment for the front

No scissors or glue needed.
Detailed instructions inside.

Please note: The text on this product is in English and Latin.



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