Design: Piet Design

Foldable greenhouses made of polypropylene.
All boxes are delivered flat in a cardboard folder.
Easy to assemble, easy to use and store completely flat.

Phoenix greenhouse:
Dimensions: 15 cm (w), 16 cm (h), 11 cm (d)

Citrus greenhouse:
Format folder: 36 x 51 cm.
Built size: 20 x 20 x 27 cm.
This fits exactly four square standard pots. Also suitable for round pots.

Victoria greenhouse:
Folder format: 45 x 45 cm.
Built size: 40 x 20 x 26 cm.
Suitable for 8 square standard pots. Or more smaller round jars.

Citrus and Victoria cultivation greenhouse:
– With 1 cm. waterproof bottom.
– Open the skylights for ventilation.
– Remove the roof to water.

The Romans already had small gardens on their windowsills that reminded them of the outdoors. The first ‘winter gardens’ in Western Europe date from the 16th century. Explorers and botanists brought seeds and cuttings with them in portable greenhouses. They were housed in galleries in which the original living environment was simulated with stoves and large south-facing windows.
In 1599 the Hortus botanicus in Leiden got its first ‘walking gallery’. Later there was an ‘Orangie Huys’, where orange and lemon trees, palms and oleanders, fuchsias and lantanas could spend the winter. According to the manual De Nederlantschen Hovenier of 1668, delicate herbs and plants could be protected outside against wind and frost with small cultivation cloches, ‘glass lanterns’ without a bottom.
In the 19th century, when large glass plates could be made, the impressive high glasshouses with an iron frame and lots of glass around country houses and palaces developed that we still know today in famous gardens such as Kew Gardens near London and in Laeken near Brussels.
In the spring you assemble the greenhouses and thus create the optimum climate for pots with seeds, cuttings and young plants. After use, take them apart again, wash them and store them folded flat until the following spring. You can of course also use the greenhouses throughout the winter and enjoy their authentic shapes, or take them on holiday to bring new acquisitions home safely.



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