Golden Coach

Design: Piet Design

Build the Golden Coach out of cardboard with this package.
Includes: coachman, postilion, two royal passengers and an 8 team of Gelderland horses.

Extensive building instructions on the inside of the folder. No scissors or glue needed.

Built size: 54 x 8 x 11 cm.
Scale ± 1 : 35

The Golden Coach was a gift from the people of Amsterdam to Queen Wilhelmina on the occasion of her inauguration in 1898.

Not only were the costs borne by Amsterdammers who made ‘a contribution’ of 25 cents, all parts of the coach were also manufactured in the capital. The Spijker brothers took care of the design, Prof. Van der Waay was responsible for the paintwork and an army of Amsterdam women provided the 15 million stitches needed for the embroidery of the interior.

In 1898 the coach was shown to everyone who had contributed to the ‘quartjescoach’. Wilhelmina also came to admire it, but it was not until her marriage in 1901 that she really made use of the Gouden Koets.

Two years later, he was first deployed at the opening of the States General. And since then, the Golden Coach has been the radiant center of the Prince’s Day ceremony every third Tuesday in September.



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