Belted Cows

Design: Piet Design

Make your own Belted Cows

With this set you can create two cows and two calves.

– 4 double black cardboard buildable skeletons.
– 1 ball of black cotton and 1 ball of white.

Size cow: 9 x 3 x 6 cm. Size calf: 5 x 2 x 4 cm.
Detailed instructions inside.
Needed: scissors and glue.

The Belted Cow is a decorative breed that is part of the living heritage of the Netherlands.
For centuries these cattle were kept by the landed gentry and grazed in the vicinity of castles and stately homes.
With their distinctive white ‘belt’ they are not only visually attractive, but they are also valued as a friendly and sustainable breed. They are kept for their milk as well as their meat.



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