Bart van der Leck tile stickers

Design: Piet Design

Decorate your own tiles with designs by Bart van der Leck.
Can also be used on other smooth surfaces such as (refrigerator) cabinets, mirrors or windows.
The stickers are statically adhesive, so reusable.

– 6 complete pictures of 9.6×9.6 cm.: goat, calf head, fish, beehive and 2 birds.
– 4 images to compose.
– 18 bees.

Red, blue, yellow, black and gray;
Bart van der Leck (1876–1958) was one of the first to consistently apply the distinctive colors of De Stijl.
Van der Leck started his career in a glass studio, but then followed two art courses and developed into a painter of monumental, figurative images. Only later did he start experimenting with more abstract representations. He reduced subjects to their essence, using only primary colored geometric shapes on a white background.

Together with Mondriaan, Van Doesburg and Huszár, Bart van der Leck was one of the founders of the magazine De Stijl and the movement named after it.

In the 1930s, Van der Leck concentrated more on applied art. His cheerful tile designs have become the most accessible icons of De Stijl movement.



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